Connect 101 - Membership

We have four requirements for Membership:

  1.     A personal profession of Christ as Lord and Savior
  2.     Baptism by immersion as a public symbol of one's faith
  3.     Completion of the "Connect 101" membership class
  4.     A signed membership covenant

At FBM, we only expect of our members what the Bible clearly expects of all believers.

For more information call the church office at (904) 282-5289. 
To sign up for the next Connect 101 class REGISTER ONLINE or call.

We expect all members to connect in three ways:

     1.     Connect to God
     2.     Connect to Other Christians
     3.     Connect to the Lost World

Membership Covenant:

I will Connect to God by...
     Attending worship services faithfully
     Participating in personal prayer and Bible study
     Giving regularly to God through my tithes and offerings

I will Connect to Other Christians by...
     Seeking to be in a Family Life Group
     Sharing life experiences together
     Practicing the "one another" principles of the Bible

I will Connect to the Lost World by...
     Discovering my gifts and passions
     Investing in the lives of others and inviting them to worship
     Serving in ministry and missions opportunities